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In order to set up a solid and reliable framework aiming at professionalizing the function of Compliance Officer, the House of Training and ALCO have now jointly developed a complete training program. 

The concept is based on the principle of modular course units, tests and the validation of the professional knowledge on different levels:

  • Fundamentals of a Compliance Officer's Function

    This course conveys an understanding of the basics of Compliance and different application areas. The complete module covers 4 different themes, each covered in a 2 hour session.

  • Implementing the regulatory framework of the Compliance Officer in the Financial Sector

    This course covers four topics of Compliance from a practical angle. Each topic is debated in a 2 hour session

  • Mastering all aspects of a Compliance Officer's function

    This master course covers all the technical and practical aspects that a Compliance Officer has to handle in the course of his/her function. The course includes four 2-hour sessions, a group coaching workshop and a final assessment

The courses are delivered by ALCO board members among others, in 2 languages: French and English.

All details of the training are available on the House of Training website where you can subscribe online.

Special conditions are in place for ALCO and House of Training members. ​


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