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Group Discussion



This WG is in charge to restore regular ALCO newsletters.

  • Steven Curfs 


This WG develops the Compliance training materials within the framework of the partnership between ALCO and IFBL. It ensures that training are up to date according to legal and regulatory developments. This WG develops the M1, M2 and M3 exams while renewing them regularly and is in charge of corrections and composition of the jury.

  • Hervé Ballone 

  • Soraya Guerin 


The purpose of this WG is to discuss/exchange on the implementation of the regulation impacting the specialised and Auxiliary FSPs and to provide tools/guidelines to apply regulatory requirements.

  • Sundhevy Debrand

WG38 - insurance

The objective of the WG is to work on various topics related to the insurance industry (new laws and regulations, guidelines, best practices…).

  • Marie Grillot 

WG40 - Responsibility of the Compliance Officer in management companies

The objective of this WG is to define the Compliance function within Management Companies.

  • Giovanni Cataldi 

  • Sophie Dupin

  • Gérard Lorent 


This WG is in charge of organising events.

  • Anna Roehrs 

  • Marie Grillot 

  • Xavier Leydier

WG45 - Subgroup - Round tables

The objective of this WG is to select specific themes that ALCO members regularly face and to facilitate the sharing of experiences, questions, and ideas in a round table format. Summaries are available to all members via the ALCO website.​

  • Anna Roehrs 

  • Xavier Leydier 


The objective of this WG is to define the Compliance function within Law Firms.

  • Nathalie Bloch 

WG48 - Regulations and news updates on the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (including the 6th Directive)

The objective of this WG is to monitor the development of regulations around the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), and to deal with current issues related to this area. 

  • Sylvain Aubry

  • Giovanni Cataldi 

  • Steven Curfs 


​The aim of this WG is to gather and discuss the challenges of Digital KYC, the current technical solutions and the EBA guidelines on the use of remote customer onboarding and other applicable regulations.

  • Sylvain Aubry

WG50 - The Compliance function of the Transfer Agent and the relationship with the Management Company

The purpose of this WG is to define the Compliance function of the Transfer Agent, to discuss market practices and the legal/regulatory obligations inherent in this function. This WG is also in charge of setting up a "best practice guide" of the Compliance function of the Transfer Agent, as well as dealing with the relationship between the Transfer Agent and the Management Company.​

  • Sundhevy Debrand 

  • Hervé Ballone 

The purpose of this WG is to facilitate discussions and exchanges among Chief Compliance Officers, identifying arising risks and trends in the banking industry. A focus is made on last regulatory inspections underlining new expectations. The group is limited in number to ensure trusted discussions.

  • Vincent Salzinger 

  • Bertrand Parfait 

WG51 - banks - CCO FORUM

The purpose of the WG is to discuss/comment regulatory changes related outsourcing and to build guidance on the outsourcing process (role of the compliance function in the assessment/acceptance/filling of outsourced process, compliance monitoring program for oversight on outsourcing, good practices KPI/KRI/oversight, compliance outsourcing process).

  • Sylvain Aubry 



The objective of the WG is to establish practical guidelines around virtual assets as defined by the legislation for bank, credit institutions, professional in the financial sector, including virtual assets service providers. Following recent publication by the CSSF, this WG has been re-established to support compliance officers in assessing compliance requirements with digital assets.

  • Biba Homsy

The objective of this WG is to facilitate the sharing of experiences, questions and ideas around ESG subjects.

  • Cécile Liégeois

  • Julie Van Cleemput


In today’s landscape, financial institutions (Banks, Investment Firms, Management Companies…etc) are required to exhibit robust governance over their compliance risks. This necessitates the establishment of a transparent and effective process for identifying, assessing and monitoring risks, commonly referred to as a risk-based compliance monitoring program. In this context, we propose to set up a WG with the objective of gaining insight into prevailing market practices and developing a suitable conceptual framework, with a specific focus on compliance risk assessment and monitoring activities. We are looking for professionals within the financial sector, including individuals affiliated with banks, investment firms or management companies, who specialise in compliance and are responsible for overseeing compliance monitoring activities. The purpose of their involvement is threefold:

  1. To gain an understanding of the various existing frameworks within the financial industry

  2. To discuss and propose a paper that explores the key trends and future perspective of a robust framework

  3. To collaborate in defining a common conceptual compliance framework for risk assessment and monitoring activities

  • Bertrand Parfait

WG53 - Methodological guidelines for Compliance Officers

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